A Book of Artrageous Projects (Klutz)

A Book of Artrageous Projects (Klutz)Rating: Rated 4.5 stars (7 reviews)
Author: Inc. Klutz, N. Y.) Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York
Publisher: Klutz
Product Description
An extraordinary collaboration with the venerable Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. It’s all about art, and it is designed not only to be read, but also to be stickered, painted, pounded, rubbed, woven, soaked and poked. Artrageous comes complete with all the supplies essential to the hands-on experience, including light-sensitive paper, color pigments, a paintbrush, rice paper, copper foil and a whole gallery of stickers. Written by the Editors of Klutz & The Metropolitan Museum of Art. For ages 8 and up. Buy from Amazon.com