It’s Time to Sleep in Your Own Bed (Transition Times)

It's Time to Sleep in Your Own Bed (Transition Times)Rating: Rated 4.0 stars (4 reviews)
Author: Lawrence E. Shapiro
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
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Product Description
In this book, children learn that sleeping in their own bed makes them feel more grown-up and more independent. This book includes helpful advice and tips for parents to deal with this problematic situation.

Growing up is hard, but when children have to give up the things they love most–like sleeping in their parents’ bed–a perfectly good day can turn into a catastrophe! Transition Times is a concept of internationally known child psychologist and parenting expert Lawrence E. Shapiro, who has written a series of books to help children through their trying transition times, including: giving up their pacifier, sleeping in their own bed, using words to communicate, and sitting still in their own chair.

For most of today’s parents, raising young children is the central part of their lives. Bonding and attachment is rightfully a primary concern, but many parents ignore the fact that limit-setting and age-appropriate expectations are also an important part of raising happy and healthy children. Where previous generations might have simply said “no,” today’s parents are looking for less confrontational ways to guide their young children through the trials and travails of growing up.

Transition Times is designed to help parents through the difficult times when they have to deny their children some of the most primitive pleasures of childhood. Virtually every child will have difficulty with at least one transition time, and this series is intended to provide a gentle way to help children and their families through these periods.

Each picture book contains sympathetic illustrated explanations of why it is important to give up the habits of babyhood and become a big boy or girl. Each book also includes advice for parents on how they can best help their children through these poignant and sometimes harrowing times.

All four books in the series will be published simultaneously with illustrations by Hideko Takahashi.

Each book includes a colorfully illustrated story for kids and professional advice for parents on what they should do, and not do, to help their children with a difficult transitions.