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The Fright Before Christmas (Bunnicula and Friends: Ready-to-Read Level 3)

Rating: (1 reviews) Author: James Howe Publisher: Aladdin Book Description LEVEL 3 READY-TO-READ It’s Christmas Eve, and Howie the dachshund puppy is scared. Who is this big guy in the red suit who’s going to come down the Monroes’ chimney with a huge sack over his shoulder? Chester isn’t scared of Santa; it’s the Christmas […]

Ramona the Pest (Ramona Quimby)

Rating: (66 reviews) Author: Beverly Cleary Publisher: HarperTrophy Amazon.com The engaging tale of young Ramona Quimby’s first days in kindergarten, Ramona the Pest takes a pint-sized perspective on the trials and delights of beginning school. Ramona can’t wait to learn all the important things. But she’s disappointed when her teacher can’t fill in missing parts […]

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s Magic

Rating: (22 reviews) Author: Betty Macdonald Publisher: HarperTrophy Book Description Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle has a trick up her sleeveMrs. Piggle-Wiggle loves everyone, and everyone loves her right back. The children love her because she is lots of fun. Their parents love her because she can cure children of absolutely any bad habit. The treatment are unusual, […]

It’s Happy Bunny Mini Poster Book

Author: Jim Benton Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks Book Description Get stuck-up with 32 It’s Happy Bunny mini-posters. o Hang them inside your locker. o Stick them up in your room. o Or pretend you care, and give one to a friend! Bonus Fun: Make up your own It’s Happy Bunny sayings on the back of each […]

Ready, Freddy!

Rating: (2 reviews) Author: Abby Klein Publisher: The Blue Sky Press Book Description Get to know Freddy Thresher, the first grade shark expert with an uncanny knack for mischief. Join Freddy in this adventure as he schemes and scrimps, trying to earn enough money to buy an awesome fossilized shark tooth. Packed with humor, illustrations, […]

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

Rating: (54 reviews) Author: Betty MacDonald Publisher: HarperTrophy Amazon.com Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle has been wildly popular with children and adults for over 50 years. Children adore her because she understands them–and because her upside-down house is always filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies, and her backyard with buried treasure. Grownups love her because her […]

The Adventures Of Super Diaper Baby (Captain Underpants)

Rating: (53 reviews) Author: George Beard, Harold Hutchins Publisher: Blue Sky Press Amazon.com Move over, Captain Underpants! There’s a tiny new superhero in town. Undaunted by Principal Krupp’s insistence that their essay assignment on good citizenship not be another comic book about the briefs-clad warrior, fourth graders George and Harold decide to invent a new […]

The Problem with Here Is That It’s Where I’m From (Dear Dumb Diary, No. 6)

Rating: (2 reviews) Author: Jim Benton Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks Book Description Sneak a peek inside the diary of Jamie Kelly, who promises that everything she writes is true . . . or at least as true as it needs to be. This follow-up to DDD #5, a New York Times Bestseller, is sure to be […]

Ramona Quimby, Age 8 (Avon Camelot Books)

Rating: (45 reviews) Author: Beverly Cleary Publisher: HarperTrophy Amazon.com From the first day of third grade, when Ramona Quimby meets her eventual nemesis Yard Ape, life moves on at its usual wild pace–usual for the boisterous Ramona, that is. Soon she is accidentally squashing a raw egg into her hair at the school cafeteria, being […]

Captain Underpants And The Preposterous Plight Of The Purple Potty People

Rating: (19 reviews) Author: Dav Pilkey Publisher: The Blue Sky Press Amazon.com Book Description: When we last saw George and Harold, they were about to take their pet pterodactyl Crackers back to the Cretaceous period. But things didn’t work out quite as they had hoped. They’ve entered an absurd alternate reality where teachers are nice, […]