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Great Lakes (Rookie Read-About Geography)

Author: Kimberly Valzania Publisher: Children’s Press(CT) Product Description The popular Rookie Books expand their horizons – to all corners of the globe! With this series all about geography, emergent readers will take off on adventures to cities, nations, waterways, and habitats around the worldÂ…and right in their own backyards.

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Author: Julia Rawlinson Publisher: Greenwillow Books Product Description As the leaves fall from his favorite tree, Fletcher worries that something is terribly wrong. But then winter comes, and with it a wonderful surprise. Do you know what it is? Join Fletcher and find out. . . .

Funny Faces Rusty Robot

Author: Roger Priddy Publisher: Priddy Books Product Description Ideal for babies and toddlers Wacky characters and funny rhymes Touch and feel, light and sound

One Windy Wednesday (Giggle Club)

Author: Phyllis Root Publisher: Candlewick Product Description What happens when the wind blows and BLOWS! Well, one windy Wednesday, Bonnie Bumble found out! The wind blew so hard it blew the quack right out of the duck…and that was just the beginnning!

The Story of Ferdinand (Picture Puffins)

Author: Munro Leaf Publisher: Puffin Product Description Published over 50 years ago, The Story of Ferdinand is one of the bestselling children’s books of all time, and the bull who preferred sitting under the cork tree and smelling flowers to fighting has become a hero to generations of children. Amazon.com Review What else can be […]

Christmas Tree Farm

Author: Ann Purmell Publisher: Holiday House Product Description Grandpa switches on the colored lights, puts up the OPEN sign, and the Christmas Tree Hut is open for business. From the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve people will come from all over to find just the right tree. But most shoppers don’t know that Grandpa […]


Author: Gerda Muller Publisher: Floris Books Product Description This colorful little book is part of a series of four chunky boardbooks without text. The series takes young children through the four seasons of the year with fun, active pictures. Summer portrays children fishing for tadpoles, playing at the beach, eating ice-cream, and enjoying evening picnics. […]


Author: Gerda Muller Publisher: Floris Books Product Description This popular series is back in print at last! This colorful little book is part of a series of four chunky boardbooks without text. The series takes young children through the four seasons of the year with fun, active pictures. Winter portrays children shovelling snow, ice-skating, feeding […]

Hello, Harvest Moon

Rating: (5 reviews) Author: Ralph Fletcher Publisher: Clarion Books Product Description While tired farmers and their families are in bed, the harvest moon silently climbs into the sky and starts working its magic. For some, it is the nightly signal to rise and shine. It is time to hunt, to work, or to play in […]

Christmas Tree!

Author: Florence Minor Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books Product Description If you were a Christmas tree, what kind of tree would you be? A mighty tree or a tiny tree? A city tree or a country tree? A tree with curious features or a tree made just for creatures? Voyaging from cities to plains and in […]

I’ll Be Home for Christmas (Toot & Puddle)

Rating: (20 reviews) Author: Holly Hobbie Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers Product Description Toot goes to a family reunion in Scotland, promising Puddle that he’ll be back in Woodcock Pocket in time for Christmas. But a huge snowstorm strands him far away from home on Christmas Eve! As Puddle waits anxiously for his […]

Monarch and Milkweed

Rating: (2 reviews) Author: Helen Frost Publisher: Atheneum Product Description One of nature’s most perfect relationships Every spring the monarch butterfly migrates thousands of miles in search of the ideal milkweed plant. When she finds it, she lays her eggs on the plant, so when each egg hatches, the baby caterpillar can feed on the […]

Curious George Goes to the Beach

Rating: (13 reviews) Author: H. A. Rey Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children Product Description One hot summer day, George and the man with the yellow hat go to the beach. What fun George has at the beach! What fun he has feeding the seagulls! It’s fun, that is, until they fly away with something […]

What Lives in a Shell? (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)

Rating: (7 reviews) Author: Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld Publisher: Collins Product Description What makes a shell like a house? A house is a home for you, a nest is a home for a bird, and a cave is a home for a bear. But for some animals a shell is a home. Snails and turtles and […]

Clouds (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)

Rating: (5 reviews) Author: Anne Rockwell Publisher: Collins Product Description Do you ever wake up and wonder what the weather will be? Instead of turning on the TV to find out, you can just look out your window at the clouds. How do you know what type of clouds can forecast a change of weather? […]

Richard Scarry’s Father Cat’s Christmas Tree (Look-Look)

Rating: (4 reviews) Author: Huck Scarry Publisher: Golden Books Product Description What happens when Father Cat’s Christmas tree grows and grows and grows? Read the newest story from the busy world of Richard Scarry and find out!

Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire!

Rating: (14 reviews) Author: Jane O’connor Publisher: HarperCollins Product Description For the fanciest girl around, the outdoors are out of this world! Fancy Nancy and her best friend, Bree, set out to explore the fascinating world of wildflowers, trees, leaves, birds, and, of course, butterflies in their exclusively glamorous Explorers’ Club. With recipes for pinecone […]

The Night Fairy

Rating: (1 reviews) Author: Laura Amy Schlitz Publisher: Candlewick Product Description From 2008 Newbery Medalist Laura Amy Schlitz comes an exhilarating new adventure — and a thoroughly original fairy who is a true force of nature. What would happen to a fairy if she lost her wings and could no longer fly? Flory, a young […]

A Little Snowflake (Christmas Foil Books)

Author: Charles Reasoner Publisher: Price Stern Sloan Product Description Charles Reasoner, whose clever shaped board books for Halloween have sold nearly half a million copies, has now turned his talent to Christmas. These three foil-covered charmers have a bold, graphic look that will make them stand out from any other Christmas books in the store. […]

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

Rating: (29 reviews) Author: Jacqueline Kelly Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) Product Description Calpurnia Virginia Tate is eleven years old in 1899 when she wonders why the yellow grasshoppers in her Texas backyard are so much bigger than the green ones.With a little help from her notoriously cantankerous grandfather, an avid naturalist, she figures […]

Snowflake Bentley (Caldecott Medal Book)

Rating: (43 reviews) Author: Jacqueline Briggs Martin Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children Product Description From the time he was a small boy, Wilson Bentley saw snowflakes as small miracles. And he determined that one day his camera would capture for others the wonder of the tiny crystal. Bentley’s enthusiasm for photographing snowflakes was often […]

All the World

Rating: (24 reviews) Author: Liz Garton Scanlon Publisher: Beach Lane Books Product Description All the world is here. It is there. It is everywhere. All the world is right where you are. Now. Following a circle of family and friends through the course of a day from morning till night, this book affirms the importance […]


Rating: (3 reviews) Author: Carl Hiaasen Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers Product Description Mrs. Bunny Starch, the most feared biology teacher ever, was last seen during a field trip to Black Vine Swamp. The school’s headmaster and the police seem to have accepted the sketchy, unsigned note explaining that her absence is due to […]

The Little Yellow Leaf

Rating: (8 reviews) Author: Publisher: HarperCollins Product Description As all the other leaves float off and fly past, Little Yellow Leaf thinks, I’m not ready yet. As the seasons change all around, Little Yellow Leaf holds on to the tree. Still not ready. Will Little Yellow Leaf ever be ready? This is a story for […]

Winter’s Gift

Rating: (16 reviews) Author: Jane Monroe Donovan Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press Product Description Illustrated by Jane Monroe Donovan It may be Christmastime but on a small, forlorn farm the holiday season is best forgotten, along with painful memories of loved ones lost. Mother Nature has other plans, however, and a chance snowstorm brings together two […]

Old Bear

Rating: (2 reviews) Author: Kevin Henkes Publisher: Greenwillow Product Description Snug and warm, curled and furry, Old Bear sleeps. Red, orange, and brown leaves fly through the air, and it is snowing hard. Old Bear doesn’t notice. Old Bear is dreaming about being a cub again. He is dreaming about the beauty of the world. […]

Leaf Man (Ala Notable Children’s Books. Younger Readers (Awards))

Rating: (15 reviews) Author: Lois Ehlert Publisher: Harcourt Children’s Books Product Description Fall has come, the wind is gusting, and Leaf Man is on the move. Is he drifting east, over the marsh and ducks and geese? Or is he heading west, above the orchards, prairie meadows, and spotted cows? No one’s quite sure, but […]

Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden

Rating: (9 reviews) Author: George Levenson Publisher: Tricycle Press Product Description Tricycle Press is proud to present two new editions of the critically acclaimed Pumpkin Circle. Pumpkin seedlings grow, sprout, bud, and bloom, offering up their golden fruit, then break down into rich soil from which seeds sprout again—a circle without end. The skillfully translated […]

Fire Eternal (Dragon)

Rating: (5 reviews) Author: Chris D’Lacey Publisher: Orchard Books Product Description Five years have passed since David Rain, now a bestselling author, disappeared mysteriously in the Artic. Slowly the ice is changing; bears are starving; dragons are rising; and the spirit Gaia, goddess of the Earth, is restless, wanting to act upon these changes. But […]

A Tree Is Nice

Rating: (17 reviews) Author: Janice May Udry Publisher: HarperTrophy Product Description Trees are beautiful. They fill up the sky. If you have a tree, you can climb up its trunk, roll in its leaves, or hang a swing from one of its limbs. Cows and babies can nap in the shade of a tree. Birds […]

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: board book & CD

Rating: (1 reviews) Author: Publisher: Philomel Product Description Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar is now available for the first time in a new, oversized board book format, perfect for storytime or for playtime. Plus, as an added bonus, it includes a CD of Eric Carle reading his classic story. This fine audio production makes […]

Sharing Nature With Children (20th Anniversary Edition, Revised and Expanded)

Rating: (12 reviews) Author: Joseph Bharat Cornell Publisher: Dawn Publications (CA) Book Description As Joseph Cornell’s classic book reached its 20th anniversary, Cornell drew upon a wealth of experience in nature education to significantly revise and expand his book. New nature games—favorites from the field – and Cornell’s typically insightful commentary makes the second edition […]

Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots: Gardening Together with Children

Rating: (27 reviews) Author: Sharon Lovejoy Publisher: Workman Publishing Company Amazon.com Green thumbs and non-green thumbs alike will fall in love with Roots, Shoots, Buckets, & Boots, a remarkably fun and informative introduction to the wonderful world of gardening–and more specifically, gardening with children. Learn how to make everything from a pizza garden (pizza-pie-shaped, with […]

The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds: A Book About How Living Things Grow (Magic School Bus)

Rating: (4 reviews) Author: Joanna Cole Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks Book Description Ms. Frizzle’s class is growing a beautiful garden. But, Phoebe’s plot is empty. Her flowers are back at her old school! So, the class climbs aboard the Magic School Bus. And, of course, the kids don’t only go back to Phoebe’s school, but they […]

Night in the Country

Rating: (9 reviews) Author: Cynthia Rylant Publisher: Aladdin Product Description There is no night so dark, so black as night in the country. And while the people dream of daytime things, the nighttime world awakens. Owls swoop, a rabbit patters, and in the yard an apple falls — pump! — from the tree. Listen. Go […]

On the Day You Were Born

Rating: (74 reviews) Author: Debra Frasier Publisher: Harcourt Children’s Books Amazon.com Inspired by Debra Frasier’s enormously popular On the Day You Were Born, this charming photo journal invites families to celebrate the arrival of their loved one into the natural world. A star-spangled blue sky, crossed by a swath of sunshine yellow with gold birds, […]

Everybody Needs a Rock (An Aladdin Book)

Rating: (17 reviews) Author: Byrd Baylor Publisher: Aladdin Product Description Everybody needs a rock — at least that’s the way this particular rock hound feels about it in presenting her own highly individualistic rules for finding just the right rock for you.

It Looked Like Spilt Milk

Rating: (17 reviews) Author: Publisher: HarperTrophy Product Description The white shape silhouetted against a blue background changes on every page. Is it a rabbit, a bird, or just spilt milk? Children are kept guessing until the surprise ending?and will be encouraged to improvise similar games of their own.

A House for Hermit Crab (Stories to Go!)

Rating: (15 reviews) Author: Publisher: Aladdin Amazon.com “Time to move,” said Hermit Crab one day. “I’ve grown too big for this little shell.” Much-loved master of cut-paper collage Eric Carle created A House for Hermit Crab to comfort any little ones (okay, and adults, too) who dread change–whether the new shell is a new home, […]

Owl Moon

Rating: (53 reviews) Author: Jane Yolen Publisher: Philomel Amazon.com Among the greatest charms of children is their ability to view a simple activity as a magical adventure. Such as a walk in the woods late at night. Jane Yolen captures this wonderment in a book whose charm rises from its simplicity. “It was late one […]

When I’m Big: A Guess How Much I Love You Storybook (Guess How Much I Love You)

Rating: (1 reviews) Author: Sam Mcbratney Publisher: Candlewick Book Description For the first time in twelve years, the Nutbrown Hares hop back for a brand-new GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU story. Happy spring! Out in the fresh spring air, the two Nutbrown Hares see a tiny acorn growing. “Someday it will be a tree,” […]

My Weird School #21: Ms. Krup Cracks Me Up! (My Weird School)

Author: Dan Gutman Publisher: HarperTrophy Book Description A.J. thinks that nothing can possibly be as boring as a sleepover in the natural history museum. But anything can happen when Ms. Krup is in charge. The tour guide says that dinosaur skeletons come to life in the middle of the night. Is she right?

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me

Rating: (35 reviews) Author: Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Book Description Monica wants the moon to play with, so her Papa sets out to get it. It isn’t easy to climb to the moon, but he finally succeeds — only to find the moon is too big to carry home. Children will love the […]

Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

Rating: (30 reviews) Author: Publisher: Doubleday Books for Young Readers Amazon.com Mr. Willowby, the unwitting hero of this Christmas classic, looks quite a bit like the little mustachioed mascot from Monopoly. But as befits a Yuletide tale, this diminutive millionaire turns out to be a good bit more generous. The Christmas tree in question shows […]

Life As We Knew It

Rating: (42 reviews) Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer Publisher: Harcourt Children’s Books Amazon.com It’s almost the end of Miranda’s sophomore year in high school, and her journal reflects the busy life of a typical teenager: conversations with friends, fights with mom, and fervent hopes for a driver’s license. When Miranda first begins hearing the reports of […]

Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening

Rating: (22 reviews) Author: Robert Frost Publisher: Dutton Juvenile Amazon.com Robert Frost’s well-known poem takes on new life in its first picture-book adaptation. The poem–long appreciated for its strong rhythm and evocative images–leaves readers wondering, “Where was the man going on the darkest night of the year?” and “Why on earth did he stop by […]

The Lorax (Classic Seuss)

Rating: (110 reviews) Author: Dr. Seuss, Theodor Seuss Geisel Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers Amazon.com When Dr. Seuss gets serious, you know it must be important. Published in 1971, and perhaps inspired by the “save our planet” mindset of the 1960s, The Lorax is an ecological warning that still rings true today amidst […]

A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree

Rating: (12 reviews) Author: Colleen Monroe Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press Amazon.com Book Description This charming tale of an overgrown pine always being passed by for Christmas, and what his woodland friends do to help him, is sure to become a Christmas classic. With delightful illustrations by wildlife artist Michael Monroe and enchanting text from Colleen […]

The Magic School Bus On The Ocean Floor (Magic School Bus)

Rating: (7 reviews) Author: Joanna Cole Publisher: Scholastic Press Book Description When Ms. Frizzle drives the Magic School Bus full speed ahead into the ocean, the class takes a submarine expedition that’s anything but ordinary. With a well-meaning lifeguard in tow, the class takes a deep breath and learns about hot water vents, coral reefs, […]


Rating: (2 reviews) Author: Publisher: Putnam Juvenile Book Description It’s a young bear’s first autumn, and the falling leaves surprise and thrill him. At first he tries to put the leaves back on, but by spring he’s learned about the tree’s wondrous cycle. This bear’s-eye look at the changing seasons will charm readers with its […]