SAT Words from Literature – A Christmas Carol

SAT Words from Literature - A Christmas CarolAuthor: Charles Dickens
Publisher: Prestwick House, Inc.
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Product Description
SAT Words from Literature presents a new approach to scoring high on the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Rather than taking words directly from a dictionary and studying them, SAT Words from Literature presents vocabulary words that are found in classic literature in their original context. In this way, you will get a clear understanding of what the word can do in a sentence, what it might mean, and how it is used. Each vocabulary word is highlighted in the text and also reproduced in bold on the facing page; the entry concludes with the word’s part of speech as it is used in the book, its pronunciation, and an appropriate definition, with a synonym or antonym if applicable. Exercises that test your understanding of the vocabulary words are included at the end of the book. To make the exercises more manageable, words are arranged by chapters, or sections, so that there are not too many words in any one group. We hope that your understanding of vocabulary is increased, and that your score on the SAT will be improved by using this book.

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