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We are living through a time of uncertainty and danger, as our world reacts to the threat of the novel coronavirus, and like all of us, our children are impacted. We have created curations so parents can quickly find books to help their children deal with uncertainty, fear, sickness, anxiety, loneliness and missing someone. Other curations focus on the power of kindness and community, creating a sense of calm and security, as well as learning meditation and mindfulness. We sincerely hope these selections help kids cope in these difficult times.


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sheltering at home

5 Best Picture Books About Missing Someone

Missing someone can be overwhelming at times, whether it is because a loved one lives far away and we don’t see them often, or because of our current environment and sheltering in place guidelines. These five books explore the feelings that can come up when we miss someone, and offer some creative ways of dealing with them together. Ages 4 – 8.

Statue Girl Power

sheltering at home

5 Best Picture Books About Making a Difference

Stories of people making a difference in the world are so important, and just as important to see how a small act from one person can have a big impact. From giving a village access to hospitals, to children having warm mittens in winter, we sometimes can’t see the eventual ripple effects when we choose to do our part. Ages 3 — 10+, a variety of age ranges included here.

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sheltering at home

5 Best Picture Books About Uncertainty

Books are such great tools to help us form connections with our children, especially important when things seem out of control and we’d like to give them more support. These five books have been chosen to acknowledge and help ease the uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty. Black Dog is about the smallest member of the Hope family being brave enough to face the fears her family is hiding from. Alone in the Forest illustrates the feeling we have when we don’t know exactly what is going on, and we feel very unsettled. Make Way for Ducklings, a classic, takes on fresh meaning when looked at through the lens of uncertainty. Ages 4 — 8.

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5 Best Picture Books About Grandmothers

From the sentimental — Full, Full, Full of Love — to the silly — How To Babysit a Grandma — these books show the unique love that grandmothers love to give. The ties that bind are strong here. Ages 3 — 8.

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