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We lived through an incredibly challenging time as our world reacted to the threat of the novel coronavirus. In response, we created curations so parents can quickly find books to help their children deal in the aftermath with uncertainty, fear, sickness, anxiety, loneliness and missing someone. Other curations focus on the power of kindness and community, creating a sense of calm and security, as well as learning meditation and mindfulness. We sincerely hope these selections help kids cope, develop greater resilience and thrive.


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Born Ready


5 Best Picture Books About Gender Identity

In a world where it is becoming more and more accepted to release gender roles and allow children to express who they truly are, we love how many books are being created about supporting children as they discover themselves and their identities. Ages 4 — 8.

Lillian's Right to Vote- A Celebration of the Voting Rights Act of 1965

social justice

5 Best Picture Books About Voting Rights in the United States

These five books about voting rights in the United States include true stories of the fight for women’s suffrage and for equal voting rights during the era of segregation. They are told with honesty in an interesting and child-friendly way.  Ages 5 — 10.

Statue Girl Power

sheltering at home

5 Best Picture Books About Making a Difference

Stories of people making a difference in the world are so important, and just as important to see how a small act from one person can have a big impact. From giving a village access to hospitals, to children having warm mittens in winter, we sometimes can’t see the eventual ripple effects when we choose to do our part. Ages 3 — 10+, a variety of age ranges included here.


social justice

5 Best Picture Books About Civil Rights

These books do a wonderful job of telling stories from real life during the days of American segregation, showcasing the courageous steps so many people took to help secure equal rights for those denied them. Some realistic fiction, some biographical. Ages 4 – 10.

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We love books, we believe reading with children is vital to their health and development, and we want to make it easier for parents and other adults to find great books for children.

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