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5 Awesome Picture Books Featuring Mice!

We admit it, we are fans of mice. Their tiny little hands, their wonderful whiskers, their teeny ears. These five endearing books have mice as the main characters, and we can’t get enough. Ages 4 — 8.

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5 Best 90's Throwback Picture Books About Dogs

We love dogs! Our furry companions nuzzle their way into our hearts, and crack us up with their antics. Here we see dogs in silly situations where we don’t normally find them: Martha eats alphabet soup and suddenly can speak in English, while Cosmo learns how to ride a skateboard. These fun picks about canine shenanigans will brighten your little one’s day. Ages 4 — 7.

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5 Best Picture Books About Cats!

There are some vintage favorites here, as well as some clever, more modern books with cats as the main character. They All Saw a Cat is all about perspective. Jenny’s Birthday Book brings Esther Averill’s charming familiar 1950’s style back. Six-Dinner Sid and Ketzel are new cats for us. Millions of Cats, first published in 1928, is still a great story today. We love them all. Ages 4 — 8.



5 Best Picture Books About Dogs

Dogs have been called “man’s best friend” for a reason (not to mention woman’s best friend, we might add!). These exceptionally strong selections give us the warm and fuzzies for our trusty companions, and we are proud to share the best of the best here with you. Ages 4 — 8.



5 Best Picture Books Featuring Chickens!

Arguably the most fun topic for a picture book of all! These books all feature hens. Some are super silly, while one is a true story of a traveling hen — with photos! No rotten eggs here. Ages 3 — 8.



5 Best Picture Books for Kids Who Love Animals

Here we have some more unusual animals as characters — including a koala and a naked mole rat — as well as a zebras and giraffes being transported on a Circus Ship and every animal you can imagine in Atlas of Animal Adventures. Kids who love animals will bond with these beloved selections. Ages 3 — 7.



5 Best Picture Books: Animals Do the Most Curious Things

Animal lovers rejoice! Cows, tigers, chickens, pigs and the whole zoo represented here, doing all sorts of crazy things…typing on typewriters, playing instruments and eating pancakes. A fun one. Ages 3 – 7.

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5 Best Vintage Picture Books Featuring Mice!

These vintage books featuring mice are truly delightful. We love Jan Brett’s rendition of the old classic, Town Mouse, Country Mouse…we get lost in those illustrations! Mouse Soup is an early reader for those who are ready to read along, still boasts great illustrations and is wonderful to just sit and listen to. Norman the Doorman works in an art museum! We can get enough of these old-fashioned little guys and gals. Ages 4 — 8.

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5 More Best Books for Kids Who Love Animals

There’s a little something for everyone here, we think. More wonderful books that will appeal to kids who love learning about or just thinking about animals! Lovely Beasts lets us enjoy the shapes and movements of animals through lovely artwork. The Salamander Room is a touching story about a child who thoughtfully creates the perfect habitat for a salamander he has caught, then realizes it would be happier back in nature where it belongs. Ages 4 — 8.



5 Best Picture Books for Kids Who Love Horses

There’s just nothing like the love between a child and a horse. It’s magical. Here are five of the best books we’ve found that capture that magic in different styles, to suit different kids. Ages 4 – 8.

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5 Even More Best Books for Kids Who Love Animals

Is it possible to have too many books about animals? We don’t think so! Here are five more that deserved to be in our collection. The bravery of animals who love us, and also the bravery of people who feel called to speak up for animals, is represented in this group of five. Ages 4 – 8.

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