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5 Best Picture Books About Artists

These picture books featuring artitsts are a fascinating and fun way to get a glimpse into their lives, and also to familiarize children with their style of artwork. Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos charmed our socks off! Check out all five to inspire your little Picasso. Ages 4 — 11.

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5 Best Picture Books About Female Athletes

In this curation, we feature Venus and Serena Williams, sisters who became two of the best tennis players in the world, and world-class runners Kathrine Switzer, Wilma Rudolph and Althea Gibson, as well as baseball player Marcenia Lyle. All biographies of these fascinating women, several who rose from humble beginnings, and some who were pioneers not just because of their gender, but also their race. Powerful and inspiring figures in sports history. Ages 4 — 10.

Shark Lady- The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean's Most Fearless Scientist


5 Best Picture Books About Female Scientists

These are biographies of women who made great contributions to advance science. There are stories here of computer programmers, botanists and marine biologists who you may not have heard of, but the world has benefited from their work. Fascinating reads. Ages 4 — 10.

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5 Best Picture Books About Math Whizzes

We think it is important to remove the limiting beliefs that can sometimes accompany math and science for our little ones. Here we present biographies brought to life with great illustrations and engaging true stories about mathematicians who had a great impact on the world, demonstrating how some of them started their life’s work in their childhood. Ages 5 — 10.

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5 Best Picture Books About Ocean Explorers

Discovering these picture books about the ocean’s explorers will add a whole new dimension to the idea of ocean life for children. There are books here about the work being done to preserve our coral reefs, the effort to understand sharks and the mapping of the ocean floor. Educational for young and old alike. Ages 4 — 9.



5 Best Picture Books About Space Travel Pioneers

These books are all biographies about pioneers in space travel, and one is actually written by an astronaut. Hidden Figures and Counting on Katherine both tell the stories of the black women mathematicians who had a huge impact on America’s space program, even during the time of Jim Crow laws. Fantastic reads here. Ages 4 – 9.

Margaret and the Moon


5 More Best Picture Books About Female Scientists

This great collection of biographies of female scientists includes two mathematicians, and some biologists whose life’s work revolved around understanding animals and conserving their habitats. Heroes of our time, and great role models for our future scientists. Ages 4 — 10.

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5 Best Picture Books About Female Pioneers Who Changed the World

These five choices are great quality books with wonderful illustrations that tell important but little-known stories. These female pioneers range from astronomers to environmentalists, and all made a huge mark on the world. Ages 4 — 10.

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5 Best Picture Books About Musicians

This curation takes us behind the scenes of the music we love, to meet the people create it and hear their stories. With brilliant, engaging illustrations and child-friendly text, these are selections we think you’ll appreciate as much as your little music lover. Ages 5 — 10.



5 Best Picture Books About Inventors

We’ve chosen five great biographies that will inspire children, and also satisfy their curiosity about the origins of some common and beloved things in their world. Ages 5 — 10.

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