Decades & Years


Decades & Years

5 Best Picture Books from the 50's

The 1950’s was a decade centered on recovery from a world war, economic growth and expansion and the press for civil rights. These books reflect the climate of the time, several presenting messages of the importance of the individual in the face of a stronger power. The themes are presented through mice, elephants and dogs, of course! Time of Wonder harkens back to a simpler time. All are worthy of modern readers. Ages 4 — 8.


Decades & Years

5 Best Picture Books from the 60's

Due to advancements in educational theory and research on literacy, the decade of the 1960’s saw children’s book authors putting their newfound knowledge to good use.  Repetitive text and enduring themes emerge. Introduce your young readers to these hardy classics. Ages 4 — 8.

Vintage animals

Decades & Years

5 Best Vintage Animal Picture Books from the 60's

The 1960’s is a treasure trove for children’s literature. There is nothing else like the charming style of 1960’s-era illustration, or its simple and clever form of storytelling. Some of our favorites, with animals as the main characters, are stars of the show. Ages 4 — 8.


Decades & Years

5 Best Vintage Picture Books from the 30's

We searched for books from the 30’s — the time of the Great Depression in America, and across the globe, and the lead up to a world war — that have “aged well”. Sometimes we had to forgo charming books with great illustrations because the messages are out of line with current values. These endearing vintage picks have stood the test of time. Ages 3 — 7.

Johns Black and Whites-40 - Version 2

Decades & Years

5 Best Vintage Picture Books from the 40's

The 1940’s was a decade of death and destruction — as 55 million people worldwide lost their lives and homelands were decimated to a punishing world at war — and then one of healing as families, nations and economies attempted to recover. The nostalgic treasures we offer here long for a simpler time and focus on love and connection. Read them and hold them dear with their context in mind. Ages 3 — 7.

Classic Books for Kids

Decades & Years

Vintage Spotlight: 5 Best Classic Picture Books from the 30's, 40's & 50's

This curation boasts some of the picture books we hold closest to our hearts. The focus here is on self-reliance and the exhilaration of independence. Little ones, and even big ones like us, will relate. Ages 4 — 8.

Classic Books To Read

Decades & Years

Vintage Spotlight: 5 Classic Picture Books from the 60's, 70's & 80's

Adults who were children during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s grew up with these classic books, most of which are still popular today. Authors and illustrators introduced wry or subtle humor, and out-of-the-ordinary ways of looking at things, which audiences today still cherish. Introduce these stalwarts to your little ones if they are not already familiar. Ages 4 — 8.

Katherine with Mom and Dad Vintage

Decades & Years

5 Great Little-Known Vintage Picture Books

Vintage picture books that have stood the test of time are such a gift… we get to enjoy the unmistakable style of the illustrations and writing unique to that time. Here are five lesser-known vintage books that are definitely worth discovering. Ages 3 — 8.

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