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5 Best Baby Shower Books

We think you’ll find a book you love here — one (or several) that you’d feel good about taking to a baby shower to present to expectant parents. Some are familiar classics, others are fresh and new. Birth — Age 5. 

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5 Best Picture Books About a New Baby in the House

Not much can rock your child’s world like a new little creature in the house who demands so much of the adults’ attention. Ease into sisterhood or brotherhood with some reading ahead of time and revisit these selections while the hurricane passes. Ages 2 – 7.

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5 Best Picture Books About Adoption

A deep dive. Help kids cope with the various facets of adoption with these outstanding picks. Or just expose kids to the concept of adoption and offer the opportunity to explore questions that will arise. Ages 3 – 8.

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5 Best Picture Books About Dads for Toddlers

These dad books are just for toddlers, who will love the bright warm images that show a daddy’s love for his little ones. Ages 1 — 3.

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5 Best Picture Books About Grandmothers

From the sentimental — Full, Full, Full of Love — to the silly — How To Babysit a Grandma — these books show the unique love that grandmothers love to give. The ties that bind a strong here in this curation. Ages 3 — 8.

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5 Best Picture Books About Moms and Daughters

Mothers and daughters can share a special bond, one that is explored here from different angles. Mama, Do You Love Me? tells of a child testing her mother about what could possibly cause her to not love her. The Red Blanket is about a mother’s wish coming true as she adopts a baby from China. Rounding out the group is a sweet simple book for little ones by Karen Katz. These are great picks for Mother’s Day or really any day you’d like to celebrate this special connection. Ages 3 — 8.

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5 Best Picture Books About Same-Sex Parents for School Age Children

Some of these books point out that the parents are the same sex, others simply tell the tale of what happens in a family, and we can see that the parents are the same sex but it’s not pointed out as anything unusual. All are demonstrating happy, healthy, loving families. Ages 4 — 8.

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5 Best Picture Books About Same-Sex Parents for Young Children

These books for younger children portray families with parents of the same sex. The authors take a lighthearted look at a families — families that may be different from the reader’s, or may validate their own — by showing loving examples of all different types of family compositions. Ages 3 — 7.

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5 Best Picture Books Celebrating Dads

Ask Me follows a father and daughter through their day and conversation, with the game “Ask Me” letting them learn about each other along the way. Thunder Boy Jr. shows a boy named after his father — who is often carried on his father’s shoulders — feel secure enough to want to walk on his own and have a name that is only his. These heartwarming choices are wonderful tributes to a dad’s love. Ages 3 — 7.

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5 Best Picture Books Celebrating Mothers

For our young children, mothers are often the center of the universe. We are so happy to have found such great books that capture the love between mothers and children, and also the magic that comes from a mother’s love. Perfect for Mother’s Day, or any day. Ages 3 — 8.

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5 More Best Books to Bring to a Baby Shower

Touching and heartwarming, any of these choices would be a welcomed gift at a baby shower. Different styles are represented here, including the newer Part of My Heart with its happy simplicity, and the more classic Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, loved by parents and babies everywhere. Shower the new parents with all five of these fantastic selections. Birth — Age 5. 



5 More Best Picture Books About Adoption

This group of books shows adoption from a variety of perspectives. One tells the story of a woman traveling to China to bring her baby home, another tells the tale of a goose who adopts a baby alligator who obviously doesn’t look like him. Also included here is The Mulberry Bird, the first children’s book to honestly touch on the idea of a biological parent choosing adoption for their child, a topic that can be painful and difficult to address. Powerful selections here. Ages 4 — 8.

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5 More Best Picture Books About Same-Sex Parents for Young Children

There are enough great books featuring same sex parents that we were compelled to create a second curation. In Donovan’s Big Day, the main character (a young boy) acts as ring bearer for a family wedding. Real Sisters Pretend is about two adopted sisters bonding, and the girls have same-sex parents. Any of the choices here are great additions to a family library. Ages 3 — 7.

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5 Best Picture Books About Names

Whether our names are given to us or chosen ourselves, reflect who we really are or take some adjusting to, names are powerful. These books are mostly a lighthearted look at names, with Wabi Sabi the cat and the ancient tale of Tikki Tikki Tembo. The Name Jar speaks more of finding our own identity and making sure our own name resonates with us. Ages 4 — 8.

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5 Most Beautiful Books for Baby Showers

These gems were chosen not only because of their quality and timeless messages that make them thoughtful baby shower gifts, but also because they are absolutely beautiful. Definitely keepers here. Ages 2 — 7.



5 Best Picture Books About Divorce for Young Children

We’re confident that you’ll find a book in this curation to be a helpful tool when bringing up the ideas and feelings that come up when a family experiences divorce. Naming their feelings and having a safe place to connect while coping are powerful for children, and books are a great way to do these things. Ages 4 — 8.

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