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5 Best Books About Individuality

One of a kind. Marching to the beat of a different drummer. The characters in these stories show us how to be unique — and young and old alike can look to them for inspiration. Ages 4 – 8.

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Growing Up

5 Best Books About Sharing for 4 to 8 Year Olds

Sharing isn’t always an easy thing to do, even for adults. These books show characters who have a hard time sharing, but who learn how beneficial it is in the end. Thank You, Omu is a different take on sharing, showing a grandmother who shares so much that we worry that she has enough for herself. We find here a subtle lesson in the idea that  it’s okay to take care of ourselves while sharing. Ages 4 — 7.


Growing Up

5 Best Picture Books About Big & Little

Although these books on the surface are about big and small, they carry other messages, some big and some small. Big Wolf and Little Wolf tells the story of new friendship and loss, while You Are Not Small and Tiny Little Fly show how being small in size or stature does not mean being insignificant, at all. A perennial topic of childhood — being littler than everyone else — deserves lots of space on the bookshelf and during reading time…and these selections are up to the task. Ages 2 — 7.

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5 Best Picture Books About Body Integrity

We want to empower our children and instill in them a strong foundation in the area of body integrity, but it’s not an easy topic to talk about. Most of these books directly discuss boundaries and the rights we have as individuals, in words that are appropriate for children. The Elephant Who Tried to Tiptoe is about a creature with a large body who tries to do things in a way that only a creature with a small body could do…only to learn that the body he has is perfect for doing things his own way. Ages 4 — 11.

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5 Best Picture Books About Eating Mindfully

These books bring up the idea of eating healthy food in a way that is…palatable. Gregory, the Terrible Eater is a goat who refuses to eat the boots and cans his family feeds him, preferring fresh fruits and vegetables. The dining table can be a battleground — and these picks can subtly bring the idea to the table when there is resistance about food choices. Ages 3 — 8.

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5 Best Picture Books About Identity & Belonging

Individually, any of these stands strong on its own, but together, they are a formidable bunch, carrying messages of acceptance and love. Five powerful books, worth a close look. Ages 4 – 8.

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5 Best Picture Books About Self-Esteem

There are some extraordinary books in this group of five, all about how important it is to embrace who we really are. Each story shows a different way of finding our own value. Some of our favorites are right here. Ages 4 — 8.

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5 Best Picture Books About Starting School

We all can relate to some of the feelings that come up on the first day of school, or really the first day of anything. In Lena’s Shoes Are Nervous, Lena expresses this uncertain feeling by saying that it is her shoes that are too nervous to take her to school. Annabelle Swift relies initially on her sister’s advice, but comes to find her own competence is what builds her confidence. Other characters greet the experience with jubilance and joy. And of course Miss Bindegarten’s classroom tops them all — you have to see it to believe it! Ages 4 — 8.

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5 Best Picture Books About the Dark

These five books have delightfully unique ways of looking at the dark, from the almost spooky and mysterious, to the fun and playful. We hope you and your children enjoy these unique perspectives on the wonder that is the dark as much as we do! Ages 3 – 8.

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5 Best Potty Picture Books

These are modern takes on potty books, written with humor. Super Pooper and Whizz Kid is written like a comic book. Potty Professional focuses more on mastering the potty as an accomplishment. Prepare for or help your little one process this important milestone with these modern picks. Ages 1 — 4.

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5 Books Babies Love

Peek-a-boo and say it once, say it twice, say it again! Babies love books as much as anyone, and we say give the people what they want. Start those good habits early and baby will thank you later. Birth to Age 3.

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5 More Best Baby Books

These books are all about sounds and illustrations featuring contrast that capture a baby’s attention. It’s never too early to foster a love of books with good associations, and we have corralled some fantastic ones here. Birth to Age 3.


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5 More Best Picture Books About Self-Esteem

Having these five books together is like a mini celebration of self-esteem. We love the idea of having these messages readily available on the bookshelf. Very strong selections here — pick one or all five to energize your home library with pure, unapologetic positivity. Ages 4 — 8.

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5 Best Picture Books About Overcoming Special Challenges

These five picks have thoughtful and tender ways of bringing up the idea of children having abilities that may be very different from one another — or may validate a child who has special needs. Empowering and positive, we think any or all of these are great bookshelf additions. Age 4 — 8.


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5 Best Picture Books to Help Address Trauma

Spending time with children who have experienced a trauma, and allowing them to find words and images for their feelings, makes a big impact immediately and later on in their lives. This curation uses the power of storytelling as a tool to help children integrate experiences and feelings. These five books are thoughtful, quality books that we are grateful to have found. Age 4 — 10.


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5 Best Picture Books About Money

Introducing concepts about money at an early age can help children to visualize how it works and give them a foundation for a healthy relationship with money. We’ve found five well done books that cover the topics of saving, investing, how much things cost and the math side of things, all in ways that are interesting and accessible to children. Ages 4 — 8.

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5 Great Picture Books About Losing A Tooth

What a milestone that first lost tooth is, and what an anticipated event every time, every loose tooth. Here are some fun stories to bring to your child to honor this rite of passage. Tallulah the Tooth Fairy in Training brings up the idea of a tooth fairy in an endearing and funny way. Throw Your Tooth on the Roof shows children how this event is honored in other cultures. Ages 4 — 8.


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5 Best Counting Books for Children Ages 2 to 4

Each in their own way, these five counting books have something special to offer. Some are cute, some are funny, all are creative. Ages 2 — 4.

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5 Best Throwback Potty Picture Books

As we collected the very best potty books for you to share with your toddler, we were delighted to see that there were so many, we could separate them into newer books and throwbacks. These are still in print for a reason. They are wonderful classics that we’re glad are still around! Ages 1 — 5.


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5 Best Picture Books About Graduation

Looking for a thoughtful and meaningful graduation gift? Or just looking for a book to share with your not-so-little one as they prepare for this very special rite of passage? We think you’ll find a book fitting your occasion here. These are well done and inspiring, and will probably be picked up over and over for years to come. Ages 3 — 100.

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