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Little mathematics genius girl writing difficult mathematics equations on a green chalkboard. The gilr is smiling and obvioulsy she is having fun solving the equation.

Math & Science

5 Best Picture Books About Math Whizzes

We think it is important to remove the limiting beliefs that can sometimes accompany math and science for our little ones. Here we present biographies brought to life with great illustrations and engaging true stories about mathematicians who had a great impact on the world, demonstrating how some of them started their life’s work in their childhood. Ages 5 — 10.

Science, Math, Chemistry Equations

Math & Science

5 Best Picture Books About Math!

Math is hardly a subject the majority of people would think of as fun, but here you go…five really FUN reads that also help get mathematical concepts across to children in a painless and entertaining way. We are fans. Take a leap of faith. Ages 4 — 9.


Math & Science

5 Best Picture Books About Ocean Life

Ocean Seasons presents life in the ocean in a new and interesting way. We offer several other picture books here about creatures we may not often think of, like a starfish or an octopus. These are all lovely selections. Ages 4 — 8.

Some Dusky Batfish Platax pinnatus and a lot of mostly female Sea Goldies Pseudanthias squamipinnis. Platax pinnatus occurs in Western Pacific in a depth range from 12-30m , max. length 45cm. Some juvenile Moonwrasses Thalassoma lunare and a Bignose Unicornfish Naso vlamingii. East of Komodo Island, Indonesia, 8°30'58" S 119°37'58" E at 13m depth

Math & Science

5 Best Picture Books From Jason Chin About Natural Science

We’re so glad we came across the work of Jason Chin in our search for the best books. We present here a treasure trove of interesting and beautifully illustrated books about nature and science. Perfect for capturing the interest of our little ones when we want to teach them about the Earth, as a supplement to homeschool curriculum, or just for fun. Ages 4 — 11.


Math & Science

5 Best Picture Books About Outer Space

This collection of books about outer space includes inspiring stories like Earthrise — about the effects of the Apollo 8 mission — a child-like version of a checklist for going into outer space yourself, and also a sweet fiction story about a boy who takes a trip to the moon one night and unexpectedly makes a friend. A super worthwhile grouping. Ages 4 — 8.

Hidden Figures- The True Story of Four Black Women and the Space Race

Math & Science

5 Best Picture Books About Space Travel Pioneers

These books are all biographies about pioneers in space travel, and one is actually written by an astronaut. Hidden Figures and Counting on Katherine both tell the stories of the black women mathematicians who had a huge impact on America’s space program, even during the time of Jim Crow laws. Fantastic reads here. Ages 4 — 9.

The Girl With a Mind for Math The Story of Raye Montague

Math & Science

5 More Best Picture Books About Female Scientists

This great collection of biographies of female scientists includes two mathematicians, and some biologists whose life’s work revolved around understanding animals and conserving their habitats. Heroes of our time, and great role models for our future scientists. Ages 4 — 10.


Math & Science

5 Best Picture Books About Rockets and Spaceships

These books are excellent for kids whose interest is piqued by spaceships and space travel. Hedgie Blasts Off! is a fun imaginative read about a hedgehog who goes to space. Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11 has fascinating photographs and an appealing story. All of these are winners. Ages 4 — 8.

Shark Lady- The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean's Most Fearless Scientist

Math & Science

5 Best Picture Books About Female Scientists

These are biographies of women who made great contributions to advance science. There are stories here of computer programmers, botanists and marine biologists who you may not have heard of, but the world has benefited from their work. Fascinating reads. Ages 4 — 10.


Math & Science

5 Best Counting Books for Children Ages 2 to 4

Each in their own way, these five counting books have something special to offer. Some are cute, some are funny, all are creative. Ages 2 — 4.

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