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Poetry & Rhyme

5 Best Picture Books: Celebrating Poet Joyce Sidman

Joyce Sidman brings nature to life with her gorgeous prose in these selections that focus on winter, a pond, the seasons, the creatures of the night and a meadow. Some she has illustrated herself and in others, she has partnered up with talented artists to bring her vision to life. We are partial to the combination of Sidman and Pamela Zagarenski, with her poignant illustrations. All these are absolute keepers. We recommend them whole-heartedly. Ages 4 — 10.


Poetry & Rhyme

5 Best Rhythm & Rhyme Picture Books

Some of these books rhyme, while some have a fun rhythm as they are read aloud. From silly to thoughtful, these books could be chosen for the way they sound as easily as what they are about. Ages 4 — 8.

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Poetry & Rhyme

5 Best Shel Silverstein Books

Shel Silverstein had a natural irreverence and almost disdain for the “rules” that gave him lasting insight — rare in adults — into what resonates with children. Those qualities, combined with his ability to play with and poke fun of the English language, gives his work an everlasting quality. Lots of puddles to play in here — and mud to sling — for all ages. Ages 3 — 9.


Poetry & Rhyme

5 Best Books of Poems and Verses for Bedtime

If you’re looking for a book of verses to be part of the bedtime ritual with your child, it may be hard to pick just one of these. We’ve selected five great books, one with songs, and one with shadow games to go along with the rhymes. Ages 2 — 8.


Poetry & Rhyme

5 More Best Rhythm & Rhyme Picture Books for Children Ages 4 to 8

Rhythm and rhyme books are so important for our little one’s brains and language development, not to mention they are just plain fun to read together. You may find your child remembering the verses to these and “reading” right along with you! Ages 4 — 8.


Poetry & Rhyme

5 Best Poetry Collections with Special Themes

Reading a book of poetry centered on a specific theme is a fun way to bring this form of literature to children. There are some powerful subjects here, including race and apology and relationships, and also some lovely nature poems and freverso poems just for fun. Ages 4 — 10.

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