Sweet Dreams

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sweet dreams

5 Best Bedtime Books for Toddlers

Lids low. This collection is sure to have even the most rambunctious in the pack yawning in no time, with talk of snores, moons and bed. Invite Mr. Sandman in with this sleepy set. Ages 1 — 4.

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sweet dreams

5 Best Bedtime Books for Babies

A bedtime to be cherished with a soundtrack to match. These titles will soon become favorites, pulled from the shelf time and time again. Birth – Age 3.

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sweet dreams

5 Best Picture Books About the Moon

Like a big piz-zah pie…it’s amore for us with this collection. We’re in love. Stories about the moon enchant and entrance, and these are no exception. Whisk your little one away with these beguiling picks. Ages 3 — 7.


sweet dreams

5 Best Bedtime Books About Bears

Bed head or bear hair? Bears hibernate through the long, cold winter, making them a perennial favorite for stories about sleep. Have a theme night with your little ones as you read about these bears who won’t wake up or won’t fall asleep! Ages 3 — 7.

Unconventional family.  Gay couple (30s, 40s) with African American girl (5 years) making the bed.

sweet dreams

5 Best Bedtime Picture Books for 4 to 8 Year Olds

Bedtime is universally dreaded, it seems, by the younger set. These bedtime books were chosen with the school-aged child in mind, all clever takes on the idea of settling down to sleep. I Just Want to Say Good Night will make children laugh as they recognize themselves in the silly antics used to prolong bedtime! Ages 4 — 7.


sweet dreams

5 Best Books of Poems and Verses for Bedtime

If you’re looking for a book of verses to be part of the bedtime ritual with your child, it may be hard to pick just one of these. We’ve selected five great books, one with songs, and one with shadow games to go along with the rhymes. Ages 2 — 8.

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